Amgun is committed to supporting business development for the benefit of shareholders.

The target objective is to add to shareholder value in the most productive manner possible.

Professional strategic and business planning will identify the optimal ways to develop the value of your business. Appropriate actions may include sourcing additional capital or acquisitions.

Personalised service

You have the benefit of knowing that you can contact and meet with the professional adviser at any time.

Amgun provides a personalised service as the proprietor, Robert Inglis, deals directly with all clients.

Amgun offers a fast and efficient service to businesses of all sizes and is focussed on producing the best possible results for the stakeholders.


Amgun maintains the highest quality standards through the utilisation of the principalís professional skills, supported by carefully selected contractorsí services where appropriate.

The working relationship Amgun will form with you will be based on accessibility and responsiveness to provide you with a highly cost-effective service.

Your requirements will be carefully assessed and monitored to facilitate the achievement of your objectives.

Competitive fee levels

Amgun does not have the overheads of a large firm and therefore can provide services at competitive rates.

The high level of interest in your particular problem results in very effective time utilisation providing an excellent standard of service.

Fees, in addition to a set hourly rate or retainer, are related to performance.


The service provided is specifically tailored to the needs and resources available to your organisation.

Very specific and limited services may be provided to support existing commitments and resources, or the services may be fully inclusive to provide a complete business planning or capital raising service.





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