Capital Raising

Obtaining capital requires an experienced and professional approach. Amgun uses its knowledge of the capital markets and the individuals in the markets to provide service and assistance to clients. The key to a successful capital raising is the presentation of the company in a clear and concise manner, as well as the identification of the best institutions to play a role in the capital raising or listing of the company.

Steps necessary to achieve a successful raising will include negotiating the optimal pricing of the company and the completion of an information memorandum.

Amgun also provides advice and assistance in negotiating with sources of capital including banks, institutional investors, stockbrokers and private equity providers. Further, a public listing may be appropriate and in this case the services include facilitating the preparation of a prospectus.


Strategic planning

An important step in the development of a strategic plan is the identification of the long-term goals of the stakeholders or owners of the enterprise. Having identified the goals the strategic planning process may be undertaken to highlight actions that will put the business in the best position to be able to improve profitability utilising accessible resources.


Business planning

Documenting ideas assists in clarifying what should be done and the potential for success. The exercise will almost inevitably result in some variations and improvement on existing undocumented plans. The plans may be used for matters such as making decisions about the commencement of a new business or division, as well as for seeking capital. The plan can be tailored to focus on a particular issue that requires addressing or take the form on an industry study to reveal the nature of available opportunities.


Mergers, acquisitions and sales

Maximum enterprise value can be obtained by expert advice on due diligence and negotiations. Amgun can identify and contact potential targets and provide recommendations on the structuring of the transaction. All of the activities are focussed on increasing the value for existing shareholders.


Business valuations

Amgun’s experience in valuing businesses, particularly with a view to funding, is extensive and provides a unique, helpful position to accurately assess the value of businesses. The process of careful valuation is essential for any potential vendor or purchaser of a business as it can provide the basis for the transaction that will make the investment a success in terms of a financial return.


Management buyouts

Amgun can provide advice to management teams in developing their plans for a buyout or negotiating with potential providers of capital and vendors. Advice may also be provided to companies considering the potential for divesting through management buyouts.



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